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Mika Has Retired!

After taking the 2002 season out as a sabbatical, Mika announced that he was retiring from F1. His reaons were that he wanted to spend more time with his family and did not want to hurt himself.

For a few years he was the only real competition for Michael Schumacher. After that it was left to Ralf, Montoya, Raikonnen and then Alonso to pick up the gauntlet. will remain in place.

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About Mika

Mika Hakkinen is the 1998 and 1999 FIA Formula One World Champion. He won this title driving for team West McLaren Mercedes. Whilst Hakkinen won the Driver's Championship in 1998, the team took the Constructor’s title, thanks in part to team mate David Coulthard. In 1999 Hakkinen clinched the Driver's title for a second time in the final race of the season at Suzuka, Japan. Scuderia Ferrari took the Constructor's Title. In 2000, Michael Schumacher and Ferrari took both titles, it being Schumacher's third in his life and Ferrari's first Driver's title in 21 years.

Back in 1998 the McLaren pair dominated the season, thanks to the outright superiority of the Adrian Newey engineered car. The only challenge was from Ferrari, who managed to improve their car in the mid and latter parts of the season, although it was still not up to the same level as the McLaren. Michael Schumacher was however able to use it as a tool to provide a challenge to Hakkinen for the driver's title, the last race of the season at Suzuka, Japan was the decider.

In 1999, the McLaren team decided to go for an all new car, rather than improving upon the 1998 chassis and entering with that. Although the car was fast they experienced reliability problems during the early part of the season. The Ferrari team had also closed the gap significantly and were pressing for the championship themselves. However, Michael Schumacher crashed out at the British GP due to rear brake malfunction, leaving a somewhat incapable Eddie Irvine to take over the mantle. Although the championship went down to the wire, the very last race of the season, Mika once again reclaimed his title. He led the race from the beginning and finished first.

In 2000, Ferrari closed down somewhat the technical advantage that McLaren had enjoyed in previous years. This allowed for a more competitive environment and a true battle between the McLarens and Ferraris for the World Championship. Unfortunately McLaren seemed to have their unluckiest season for a long time, with rule infringements and crazy men on track all losing them valuable points. After Hakkinen placed second in the World Championship he graciously accepted Schumacher's win.

2001 was not so good for Mika, he suffered with an unreliable car among other things. At the end of the season he decided to take a sabbatical year out during 2002.

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Mika Hakkinen Mika Hakkinen
1998, 1999 Formula 1 World Champio

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